Are you ready to grow your business with more ease and joy without sacrificing your health, energy, and creativity?

Yes, I'm Ready for Ease & Joy!

Are you ready to grow your business with more ease and joy without sacrificing your health, energy, and creativity?

Yes, I'm Ready for Ease & Joy!

Like never before, how you do what you do is so important.

But you may be feeling sort of lost in your business because between the daily hurdles of life, conflicting marketing advice, or just simply trying to push through the pain it's all a bit too overwhelming?

Or you may be feeling like you're just going through the motions and trying anything and everything to see what gonna stick?

Or you just might feel like you've lost sight of your mission and passion?

In any case, I've got you.

I've created this course to help you remove the frustration that's blocking you from receiving exactly what you want and go from stuck to creating the business you want with ease and joy.

5 Days To Getting Crystal Clear In Your Creative Business

What holds many of us back is thinking that taking a step back means all the momentum stops, or there’s just too much to figure out, and it will take forever. I am here to say it doesn’t, and I‘ll show you how in just 5 Days. No fluff, just Real intentional work.

All you have to do is watch or listen, reflect, and clear out the pain that's getting in the way of doing what you want and what makes you profitable; it’s that simple, I promise!

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Topics Covered


Learn how to identify mindset blocks, create a process that will help you clear & shift your blocks, and take more control over your emotions so you can find your clear path.


Learn How to Define Your Mission and create a clear path to making decisions in your biz with more confidence and ease.


Align what you do with whom you want to serve by getting clear on how your brand and culture can help you outshine your competitors.


Get clear on how what you are actually selling beyond your product or service and identify what problem you're solving. 


Learn how to pull it all together and finally start creating and running your business with more ease and joy!

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What's Included:

  • 5 Day Course (but can be done at ANY pace)
  • A private podcast feed to listen to the course on the go
  • Course Prompt Workbook for easy access to your takeaways during the course
  • Daily online self-paced video modules for all my visual and audio learners
  • Daily prompts and action items to solidify what you need to get clear in your business
  • Bonus: Self Coaching Journal with over 30 prompts to help you flush and get clear on what you really want from your creative business. PLUS A Free another bonus revealed at the end of the journal
  • Access to me in my exclusive Facebook Community where you can drop your questions and I'll answer them.

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