How to Grow your Creative Business by Working From Your Zone Genius

How to Grow Your Service Based Business by Working From Your Zone of Genius

grow your business zone of genius Mar 30, 2022

As business owners, we have all heard about how we should be operating from our zone of genius instead of our strength/weakness, but you're probably wondering:

Is it really that important? 

How do I know what my zone of genius and strength/weakness is? 

How can I make these changes in my business? 

But First, let me address a massive elephant in the room for all my fellow Endometriosis and other chronic pain entrepreneur warriors.

The zone of genius is often defined as what comes most effortless to you, But you and I know that everything we do takes an extra dose of effort and determination. That effort is what we call spoons, and we only have so many for one day. So the zone of genius to me has more to do with the feeling and result of the effort we put into something. So now that, that's out of the way...

Why it's important?

So What Your Zone of Genius?

So What Is Your Zone of Genius?

When you identify your zone of genius and make it your majority, you find growth and a thriving business.
— Nikita Williams

You guys know by now that I am here to share the goods with you, and I'm here to tell you that in the years I've been coaching/working, I've realized it's SO important to work from your zone of genius and not your strength/weakness. This is what it takes to build a thriving and growing business.

Why? Sustainability.

No one can continually nourish a business if they put their energy into doing things that drain them. That only leads to burnout. Instead, if you spend most of your time doing things that light you up, you will feel energized. When you feel bright and passionate every day, your work will flourish and grow!

What is the difference between Zone of Genius and Strengths/Weakness?

It comes down mostly to how the tasks you do make you feel when you're doing them and after you are done.

This is how it might feel if you're working from your Strength/Weakness...

Take a minute and imagine doing your dishes... you probably are good at doing the dishes, and you know the job well from start to finish, especially in your kitchen but does the task make you feel inspired and energized? Does it ignite passion from deep down in your bones? I'm going to guess it probably doesn't. So, while you are good at this task and probably know how to do it better than most other people, you don't feel particularly positive about doing it, and it probably makes you feel drained, especially if you have to do more than your fair share. 

But your Zone of Genius feels completely different.

You are good at this, and it fills you full of good vibes and energy. When you think about doing this task, you're excited, and you never have to drag yourself to do it! In fact, you probably put off other tasks and do this instead. You might even find yourself skipping meals while you're doing it, spending more time with it than you planned, and maybe even dancing a little jig while you do it.

My example goes like this. I started out doing digital marketing. There were some aspects I enjoyed. I was good at it, and I liked the challenge. But let's face it, making Facebook ads, and landing pages didn't give me the chills. I realized over time that digital marketing was my own Strength/Weakness. It could never make me glow the way helping creative women who feel stuck, stressed, overwhelmed, and uncertain makes me. I LOVE...literally...I LOVE helping these women figure out where they want to go with their businesses, get clear on what they want, who they want to serve, and how they can do it. It lights me up, and it's my Zone of Genius!

How to figure out what gives YOU the feels vs. what gives you the ills...

Now it's time to sit down and analyze you.

The easiest way to figure out your Zone of Genius and Strength/Weakness is to keep a journal for a couple of weeks, about four weeks. Note how you feel before, during, and after each task. This might sound silly, but I promise it's the best way to identify your zone of genius and your strength/weakness. Check into yourself and see how you feel. Ask yourself:

Am I good at this task?

Do I love doing it?

Did this task make me feel drained?

Did this task make me feel energized/passionate? 

Still not sure what your jive, awesome sauce, and amazing juice are? You can ask your friends and colleagues what they think. Remember that even though they can tell you what they think you're good at, they can't always tell how the things you're good at are making YOU FEEL, and that's the most important part here!

Now it's time to implement what you learned.

Try to center your business around your zone of genius. That might mean making some shifts, but it will be worth it!  

Can you do less of the strengths/weaknesses? Maybe you could outsource some of them? Or perhaps you could focus less on them? Or maybe,  you could split them up? 

The takeaway here is that people who operate from their zone of genius more than their strength/weakness are the ones building thriving and growing businesses. I hope you will be one of them! 

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