Grow Your Business With Chronic Illness With Clarity and Confidence

even if you feel limited!

Show Me How!

You’re here because all of your mental energy is exhausted trying to grow your business and keep your life with chronic illness a secrete. And yet you still long to create your dream life!

You’re here because you already have a business, but growth feels impossible without doing #alllthethings the gurus say while flaring up and burning out. 

You’re here because you’ve been holding out and waiting for “someday to come” so you can finally:

  • Create what you want in your unique way without feeling the pressure to say Yes to things that don’t fully align with you.
  • Attract your dream clients without feeling like you have to hide a part of who you are.
  • Manifest success in your life and business no matter what life hurdles are thrown at you while honoring your self-care and health.
  • Charge like the expert you are without second thoughts about whether or not you deserve it or if “they can afford it.” You do, and they can!

“I am so grateful to have found Nikita! After only a few months of working together, I have seen a huge transformation in my business, mindset, and even personal life. I have so much more clarity and balance in life and business and wouldn’t have gotten to this point quickly without Nikita! She has a way of listening, asking questions that lead to breakthroughs, and guiding me in a direction is right for ME. Nikita has helped me find my true calling and use this to create a sustainable business model that puts my creativity and priorities first. Working with Nikita is truly the best investment I have ever made and I can’t recommend her highly enough! Thank you Nikita for helping me transform my life and follow my dreams!" - Erika Bjork, Graphic Designer & Illustrator

Here’s The TRUTH:

  • You don’t have to sacrifice all the things that matter to you and wait until “someday.”
  • You don’t have to keep paying your dues. You’ve paid them. 
  • You don’t have to PRETEND that life is perfect in order to grow the business of your dreams.

You can have the freedom and flexibility to grow your dream business on YOUR terms.

All you have to do is reconnect to the R.E.A.L. YOU!

It’s that simple. 

To grow a sustainable and stable business you must be… 

…deeply clear about who you are,

…learn the tools to confidently tap into your most authentic self, 

…showing up with ease, so your creativity adds more spoons to your day and attracts exactly what you want!

“Nikita Williams is what I have been looking for. There is so much advice for entrepreneurs that don't factor in those with chronic illness. What I love about Nikita is that she is authentic in her business and shows up as she is. She gives me permission to do things opposite of what the "gurus" say. She helps me find my voice and what works for me and my business. She pushes me to do better at showing up for me. Her support and mindset shifts are invaluable. If you are sick of following what everyone else is doing and want to level up your business "your way" then Nikita Williams is your girl. She is one of the best investments I have made not just for my business but for me personally cause she reminds me business is personal. Mind you I am only 2 months into working with her and I felt like this after our first session together. Can't wait for what 6 months will bring! You won't regret having her by your side! Thank you Nikita for being you.” - Nina Hill, Naturally Graysful

It’s Time to Strip Away Your Limiting Beliefs, Get Unstuck, and Embrace a Holistic Approach!

  • If you’re ready to forget all the rules and rewrite your own
  • If you’re prepared to tune into yourself and tune out all the noise
  • If you're ready to have a self-care toolkit that genuinely nourishes your mind and body so you can kick those limiting beliefs to the curb 
  • If you’re prepared to grow a sustainable business on your terms while fostering creativity and creating financial freedom…

You’re in the right place! Introducing...

The Aligned Clarity Way

A 6-month 1:1 coaching program to help creatives and women living with chronic illness transform how they view themselves, their life, and their business. With personalized one-to-one support and PLUS community, you'll create more ease and joy while growing a successful and stable business with CLARITY and CONFIDENCE.

You'll learn the mindset tools you need to harness the power of clarity to flourish and succeed, YOUR WAY!


Unlike buying a module-based course, this live coaching program is designed to empower you with the support of a coach and community so that you can…

  • Clear up all the limiting thoughts you have about living with chronic illness.
  • Cultivate clarity and confidence to grow your business and live life with more joy.
  • Create an action plan customized to your unique needs that serves you even when life hurdles happen. 

What makes this coaching program different? This program is all about advocacy in your life and business with compassionate self-development.

You’ll learn vital foundational techniques and how to apply them to make life and business much easier and much more fruitful!


The Program's Framework Highlights

Reset - Awaken and Release the mindset blocks so you can: 

  • Breakthrough mindset blocks, limiting beliefs, and the physical toll of being a chronic illness warrior so you can feel more clear and grounded. 

  • Create a process for you to show up for yourself and create with ease and flow no matter what. 

  • Feel more aligned mentally and emotionally to build the confident life and business you long for. 

Embrace- Your business reflects you, get crystal clear on Your Story, Your Goals, Your Values, and Your Mission so you can:

  • Embrace your challenges and become more confident in what you’re uniquely capable of creating.

  • Clearly and quickly make decisions with less stress and more ease.

  • Tell your story so you can identify, decide, and create what you need to thrive in life and business.

Align- Learn my simple 4 step process to identify your ideal client and confidently create offers, so you can:

  • Stop feeling like you have to be someone you're not in your marketing.

  • Embrace and share your awesome sauce and attract dream clients

  • Feel completely clear on how to create crave-worthy offers and content that lights you up and creates a loyal tribe both in your business & life.

Lastly, You'll Learn How to Leverage Your Clarity and Confidence, So You Can: 

  • Flow-through the pain when (not if) life throws you a curveball or a flare-up sideline you for days, with tools and systems that support you during any season of life and business with ease.

  • Create a plan for sustainable growth through community. 

  • Leverage your experiences to facilitate collaborations that feel authentic, without taking any more of your spoons. 

“I am so grateful that I got to work with Nikita using her with the Aroma Mindset method. She came to me in a really stressful time in my personal life that was causing my business to really suffer because I was unable to focus. I loved that I got to just trust Nikita as the aroma specialist. She mixed the exact blends that I needed, for the exact symptoms I was experiencing. I'm all about holistic health, but sometimes you just are not in the frame of mind to figure out your own stuff so it was SO nice to have an expert I trust to help me out. It was worth it! I coupled her blends with meditation and her coaching to create morning, afternoon, and evening habits that really helped me feel a sense of control over my emotions. The anxiety really did go down because I had the "anchor" of having that aromatherapy routine. Thank you SO much, Nikita!”

Crystal  Bantel - Website Designer & Online Business Mentor

"Nikita is a great listener and won’t hesitate to ask questions when you need her the most. BUT also answers the questions you have. She designed one blend for me that helps refocus my mind during work hours so I could feel more grounded, no matter what is going on. This has been so impactful in my work. I'm not the best at keeping up with things but Nikita made it easy for me to integrate oils into my everyday life and I am so appreciative."

Lena Gosik-Wolfe of Lena Designs Studio

What this means for YOU?

  • You’ll have a curated mindset toolkit and framework for consistent mental and emotional clarity so you can build the life and business you long for while crushing those limiting beliefs and negative thoughts. 

  • You’ll feel confident, grounded, focused, and ready to create the life you want.
  • You’ll embrace your unique voice and path to success and attract dream opportunities.
  • You’ll confidently create offers and market your business in a way that aligns with your purpose.
  • You’ll be part of a community of other chronic illness warriors who’ll be there to cheer you on in your journey.
  • You’ll Truly be building the sustainable and stable business you’ve dreamed of that feels authentically you.

The Aligned Clarity Way

The investment is $2,000
Payment options available 

How it works

  • 1 Private 60-minute Purpose & Intention Call
  • 3 monthly private 1:1 coaching calls
  • Access REAL YOU Framework 
  • Private Community channel  
  • Personalized feedback on anything you create for your business.


  • The Mind Your Body & Biz Resource Vault includes journals, masterclasses, and expert guests on mindset, money, business strategy & tools, aromatherapy, trauma, and more! {Valued at over $3,000}
  • Bonus Mindset Training on Branding & Productivity {Valued at over $1,000}
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“From my first clarity consultation, Nikita and I connected but I really wasn’t sure what to really expect. But right from the first official session, I knew I  had made the right decision in hiring Nikita. Before working with Nikita I felt like I lacked direction, intentional strategic focus, and confidence. Now having been working with Nikita, my confidence has improved. My focus is more intentional and I discovered my value as a photographer. I didn’t realize I needed mindset changes but she has helped me do that also. So Yes, I would 100% recommend working with Nikita!" -Mitchelle Davina Wedding & Branding Photographer

About Your Coach:

I'm a Certified Professional Essential Oil Specialist, Mindset Coach, Endometriosis Warrior, and Podcast Host.

My dear friend, coach, and fellow chronic illness warrior once told me, "things can get better!" and I want you to know this is true for you too. 

She empowered me to find the practical tools I needed to find comfort physically and helped me acknowledge and release some of the mental cobb webs that kept me stuck in my business so I could get clear and cultivate my confidence. It was the exact support I needed to remind me to look and believe in possibilities. I trusted that she was right, and I worked hard for years on my mindset, which changed my BUSINESS and LIFE.

I've been where you are, searching for comfort and permission to do things my way. And now, not only am I growing a thriving and sustainable business while living with multiple chronic illnesses, but I've also been able to help other women just like you to do it too.

I want this same success for you too! That's why I created The Aligned Clarity Way Program. 

Frequently Asked Questions

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